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TV TONIGHT: Mark Thomas vs Coca Cola

November 19, 2007

UPDATE: A download of this film is now available here.

TV Tonight (Mon 29th Nov): Dispatches – Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola, 8pm, Channel 4.

Following on from his expose of the arms trade (Dispatches: The After School Arms Club, Channel 4, 2006), and his one man crusade against New Labour’s idiotic anti-Parliament protest law (My Life In Serious Organised Crime, BBC Radio 4 2007), the activist-comedian trains his sights on the everyone’s favourite trade unionist murdering soft drink peddlers, the Coca-Cola corporation. In the film he travels to South America, India and the US to investigate the way in which Coca-Cola and its suppliers operate and the extent to which they uphold moral and ethical obligations (or to be more precise, the ways in which they don’t). No doubt unmissable telly. What a shame I don’t have Channel 4. Thank fuck for torrent sites!

Check out Mark’s site here, and a couple of articles he has written about Coke in the past.

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