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Audio: John Reynolds meeting on Palestine’s ‘UN Statehood Bid’

September 21, 2011

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign has posted the audio I recorded of John Reynolds’ talk about the Palestinian ‘UN Statehood Bid’ in Dublin last week. Copied from the IPSC website:

Audio: John Reynolds meeting on ‘UN Statehood Bid’

On Thursday 15th September over fifty people attended a meeting on the meaning of the “Palestinian UN statehood bid” organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign. John Reynolds, former legal researcher with Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq, was invited to give an overview of the background to this initiative, and spoke about some of the perceived pros and cons that the move could result in.The meeting was chaired by Raymond Deane, Cultural Boycott Officer of the IPSC.

John introduced the meeting by giving an overview of the history of Palestinian international diplomacy over the years, end with the current statehood bid. He then gave outlined what Palestinian groups have been saying, both in favour and in opposition, to the move. The meeting ended with an audience question and answers session.

Download the talk as an MP3 file here (right click & ‘save target/link as’)

To read an IPSC statement on this issue, please click here.

John Reynolds (right), and Raymond Deane of the IPSC

Whatever happens at the UN, the Israeli occupation will continue

September 13, 2011

Yesterday, published an Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign opinion piece (penned by myself) in its op-ed section. Entitled, ‘Whatever happens at the UN, the Israeli occupation will continue’ and detailing the IPSC’s view of the coming Palestinian ‘UN statehood bid’, you can read it (and leave comments) online by clicking here.

EXCERPT: Yet, whatever one’s feelings about this particular initiative, regardless of the outcome at the UN, Israel’s decades old occupation is unlikely to end anytime soon – a fact admitted to by the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland on this site last week, when he stated that if statehood is declared “nothing will change on the ground for ordinary Palestinians”. Indeed, for Palestinians the brutality of the occupation will continue, irrespective of whether the UN decides that they live in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” or the “State of Palestine”… – Read More.