About Citizen Partridge

Who, or What, is Citizen Partridge?

Citizen Partridge, or Kev as he’s known to his friends and “that cunt” as he’s known to his enemies, is just some guy in his early thirties who has some spare time on his hands. The main aim of this blog is to eventually listen to, review and upload his entire collection of vinyl.  Please click here for a shit manifesto – ‘A Record  A Day’.

He also regularly writes about Palestine, Israel and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

CP is a non-sectarian and non-aligned Irish socialist, an anti-imperialist and a Palestine Solidarity activist, with a penchant for history from below, comedy, all kinds of music, pulp horror, intelligent sci-fi, good graphic novels and decent drama. And computer games when he has the time.

He also likes attempting to make trouble for those who oppress the great mass of society – at home and abroad.


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