Anti-Household Tax march in Newbridge

On Saturday there was a large (for Newbridge!) march against the government’s new household tax that will attempt to further wrest more money from ordinary people to throw down the banking black hole and pay off the odious national debt not of the peoples’ making.

Here are some pictures from the demo, which saw upwards of 250 irate people marching from St. Conleths’s Parish Church to the offices of Fine Gael TD Martin Heydon. Although not able to make it my self  due to other commitment (post coming on that soon), I’m told that “chanting ‘Don’t Register, Don’t Pay’, the march included many local people, along with Independent Cllr., and former Town Mayor, Paddy Kennedy and representatives of Sinn Fein”. Click the thumbnails for bigger images.

Fair play to everyone who turned out. “Tax the cheats that got us into this mess”, indeed. All power to the Newbridge people!

Photo Credit: NLF Photo Bureau (they haven’t gone way you know)

UPDATE: Word on the street is that there’s another march planned for Saturday 10th March. More info here (Facebook)

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