Football Fashionistas

Football Fashionistas
LookLeft #7, July 2011

June saw the opening of Ireland’s first dedicated football fashion and revolutionary casual-wear store. As its tagline indicates, Casa Rebelde, located on Crow Street in Dublin’s Temple Bar, is dedicated to supplying quality, affordable European style “clothing for the discerning football fan and revolutionary”, something that has long been lacking in Ireland where overpriced jerseys seem to be all we can buy.

Along with famous brands like Copa (Holland), Partisano (Catalonia) and Fire & Flames (Germany), it also stocks retro jerseys and their own unique line of ‘sports-revolutionary’ t-shirts and posters featuring legends like Paul McGrath, Mohammed Ali, Johnny Giles, Che Guevara and Cristiano Lucarelli. Casa Rebelde is also Ireland’s only official stockist of merchandise from Germany’s famous anti-fascist club FC St. Pauli.

Michael Dixon, the shop’s owner, told LookLeft: “This is my way of sticking up two fingers to those who say sport and politics don’t mix. Just because sporting bureaucrats want us to believe it, it doesn’t make it true. Besides, there’s no reason why football fans shouldn’t look stylish too”.

Casa Rebelde is on the web at

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  1. kopjoe Says: – 20 euro voucher for 10 euro! happy days!!!

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