God’s Gift, or Christian Zionist Hate Mail

As those of you who know me in the flesh will be aware, I work for a pro-Palestinian activist-NGO. A routine part of this work is receiving hate e-mail from Zionists, Christian Zionists, Zionist Sympathisers and Islamophobes. But today was a first, in that we actually received some hand-written hate mail from an outraged, yet unbelievably smug, Christian Zionist.

I now present for your reading (dis)pleasure, the contents of that letter – all errors are theirs, comments in [these] are mine:

“Phone: 087*******

Some mistakes your organization seemingly are falling into regarding Israel, these should be avoided at all Costs. Remember – Israel is fighting for her very existence and not just parts of Israel. Remember the words. “A World without Zionism” that is the wish of the countries surrounding Israel [CP: and me too!].

Remember What God stated Centuries ago when He gave Canaan to the Hebrew people (Israel.) (psalm 132.) “Zion is my resting place for ever” That means Jewish people are His people and Israel is His Land. ! Your organization ought to read the Word of God on these issues. [CP: All these years… I’ve been a fool, a fool I tells ya!]

God has promised what He will do to countries who come against Israel, and Ireland seemingly is heading that way also.

Read the prophet ZEChariah Ch 12, “I will destroy all Nations that come against Israel”. [CP: Actually, its says Jerusalem, but whatever] Ireland is going through serious trouble at the moment, why? think about it? Leave Israel to the Lord Jesus Christ its His Country [CP: Well, you’ve convinced me! Praise the Lord and fuck the Palestinians! Does that mean the weather will stop being so shit and the economy will recover? Wahey!]

Also helpfully included were the following articles (click the images for full sized versions) from an international Christian Zionist newspaper called Israel and Christians Today – which has the potential to become a firm favourite of mine – though given that it’s €20 a paper, think I’ll stick to the online version. And at that price its no wonder they sent me articles from 2005 and not something more recent!

"put this on your leaflets"

Scary stuff!

Interesting thing about the above article, its written by one Farid Ghadry, a court-Arab in the House of AIPAC. He’s a Syrian exile, and aside from being a professional shill for Zionism, is the leader of the so-called Reform Party of Syria (based in the US, the leadership wish to remain ‘anonymous’, except for the Dear Leader himself of course), who at one stage wanted to position himself as the ‘Syrian Chalabi“.  Actually, he probably still does. Some people, eh?

Anyway, that’s that really, just thought I’d share the hilarity. Oh, and the following which I received via email today, all the way from Australia:

Dear Paddy,
You are fighting the wrong enemy,mate.
The wall the Israelites have wouldn’t be needed if the Palestinians didn’t keep trying to send suicide bombers in.
Hamas and Hezbollah keep sending rockets/bombs onto Israel. So they are aggressors, not Israel.

Tracey from Australia:)

Yep, always good to open any argument with a racial insult Tracey, you convict descendant:)

Farid Ghadry

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